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`Shooting princess` Kang doesn`t trust adults

Posted December. 15, 2000 20:19,   


The ¡°Shooting Princess" of the Sydney Olympics, Kang Cho-Hyun has repeatedly said she doesn¡¯t trust adults, citing as evidence the fact that a number of Taejon-based institutions and companies reneged on their promises to make it worth her while to remain in the city after the Games.

Kang had considered joining a company shooting team in Seoul in order to earn money for university education while also supporting her mother. But Kang chose to remain in Taejon after Galleria Department Store offered to set up a shooting team and the city promised to build a shooting range.

However, the establishment of a company team has been delayed and the size has been reduced. Kang said, "I wanted to go to Seoul with coach Kim Jae-Kyu, who taught me how to shoot and supported me up to the moment I received the silver medal in Sydney, but everything has gone wrong."

The team was scheduled to be set up this October but was postponed until next January. Moreover, the original plan to have a head coach and coach together with 6~7 team members was changed such that there will now be just one coach and only 2~4 team members.

Kang was unable to hide her disappointment, even when submitting her application for enrollment at Chungnam National University as a special student athlete on Thursday.