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Quotations of the day

Posted December. 12, 2000 18:49,   


It is a shameless record made with the people¡¯s money. (A donga.com netizen on the report Tuesday that the Korea Electric Power Corporation would record a big surplus this year.)

It is not those that are special, but those that have much pain in life who can produce immortal works. (Movie director Sim Kwang-Jin, explaining Tuesday the background of the production of his movie ¡°Immortal Work.")

Let¡¯s be faithful to our main job. (Rep. Kim Sung-Soon of the Millennium Democratic Party (MDP), presenting data on cases in which lawmakers¡¯ questions had nothing to do with the agenda at hand, thus reducing efficiency and delaying budget deliberations Tuesday by the National Assembly Special Budget and Settlement Committee.)

International hot money seeks to snipe at Taiwanese dollar? (Headline of an analysis in Tuesday edition of the Hong Kong Economic Daily that international hedge funds are hurrying to resume their attack on Taiwan following repeated warnings in the Western media of an imminent financial crisis in Taiwan.)