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President Kim voices regret over economic difficulties

Posted December. 01, 2000 20:17,   


President Kim Dae-Jung expressed regret over the nation¡¯s economic difficulties on Saturday, saying he was sorry that the national economy had deteriorated and apologizing for the government's failed attempt to reform the public sector. He made the remarks at a luncheon with dignitaries residing in Kyonggi province.

However, the President said the people should not be too worried about the worsening economy, noting that if reforms in the four major sectors are effectively promoted, the nation will be able to overcome the difficulties through its own efforts.

He went on to say that if the medical reform program separating of roles of medical doctors and pharmacists is steadfastly supported for the next year, the people would find out that the new medical system is beneficial to them after all.

Acknowledging that his popularity has been declining since the implementation of the medical reform measure, the President said that he would continue to pursue the program in the confidence that the people would come to appreciate it.