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[From readers] Bus driver`s hospitality appreciated

Posted November. 21, 2000 14:38,   


Some time ago, I was on the first bus of the day out of Changchon and headed for Hongchon in Kangwon Province. On the way, a semi-truck hit the bus I was on. (It was a minor accident, but the bus could not be restarted.)

As I had to make a connection at Hongchon for Seoul, I was anxious. Just then, a passing tour bus stopped in front of the bus passengers and opened its door. The tour bus stopped at each of the bus stops and the driver explained that the first bus had an accident and would not be coming.

He took in all the students who had been waiting for the first bus. Although I was still anxious to make my connection for Seoul, it warmed my heart to witness such human consideration still in the countryside.

Aren`t these the lamp posts that provide light in the darkened society in which we live? The trouble and anxiety caused by the early-morning accident melted away. I would like to give my sincere thanks to the bus driver of the New Daily Tour Service in Hongchon.