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Quotations of the day

Posted November. 08, 2000 19:00,   


We can now believe that the time when the top leader of a chaebol can move all of his organizations with one word is over. (Lee Byung-Wook, a section chief of the Federation of Korean Industries, commenting on Hyundai Merchant and Marine Co.'s refusal of a request by Chung Mong-Hun, chairman of Hyundai Asan board of directors, to help troubled Hyundai Engineering and Construction Co. on Wednesday).

How can we entrust Taegu to a mayor who did everything (for the central government) and was then swindled? (A netizen, protesting the liquidation of Taegu-based Samsung Commercial Vehicle Co. in his message on Taegu City's Internet homepage on Tuesday).

Families that have only one daughter are big consumers. (An official of Hyundai Department Store, saying that families with only one daughter spent a significant amount according to a survey on the consumption trends of its clients on Wednesday)

It is possible both technically and theoretically to eavesdrop on digital mobile phones, but there are many restrictions. (Hwang Jung-Yon, chief of the electric bureau of the Ministry of Information and Communication, commenting on the recent controversy over digital cell phone eavesdropping on Wednesday).

We can save 6 billion won a year if we make explanatory notes for goods properly. (Green Consumer's Solidarity during a rally promoting the long-term use of goods held in front of Myongdong Cathedral in Seoul on Wednesday).

Now that we also have to read the minds of civic organizations, we are in a very difficult position. (An official of a Hyundai affiliate, commenting on Hyundai subsidiaries' support of Hyundai Engineering and Construction Co. on Wednesday).

Women are core human resources who safeguard food security. (Park Sung-Ja, an official in charge of women's affairs at the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, explaining the "Five-Year Plan to Foster Women Farmers¡± announced on Wednesday)

There is an exorbitant and widening gap between Kangnam and Kangbuk in terms of the quality of life and living conditions, even though the two districts are both in Seoul, making it urgent to formulate appropriate countermeasures. (Cho Yang-Ho, a Seoul city council member, in his interrogation of the Seoul City government on Wednesday).