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Kimchi exhibition opens in Seoul

Posted November. 02, 2000 14:43,   


Bamboo-shoot kimchi, bitter-plant kimchi, kale kimchi, Japanese apricot kimchi.

An exhibition of about 150 types of kimchi, showing wide variety of regional kimchis, has opened and drawn the interest to the public to taste and learn to make them.

Sponsored by the Seoul Agricultural Development and Technology Center and held at the home of Kang Soon-Eui, 52, in 165-1 Naekok-dong, Seocho-ku, Seoul, the visitors to the exhibition can experience the sight and taste of the variety of kimchis she has learned to brew in her 30-year kimchi-making odyssey in conjunction with the Culinary Research Institute beginning with the first kimchi-making skill she learned from her mother-in-law, as she became a member of the head family of Na.

At the exhibition, visitors can taste 150 types of kimchi, including 40 regional kimchis, 50 types of kimchis favored by the Na family, 40 varieties of special kimchis and 60 types of marinated and fish-enhanced kimchis. For those new to the skill of kimchi-making, the exhibition offers various demonstrations and tastes of the various kimchi types favored by the Na family.

"I am happy to demonstrate the kimchis that I have learned to make from my mother-in-law down through the years," Kang said. "I would like to teach many of the skills to other housewives."

The exhibition is open to the public daily from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, would-be visitors may call (02) 3463-6962 or -6965.

Yoon Sang-Ho ysh1005@donga.com