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Quotations of the day

Posted October. 25, 2000 19:33,   


It is not easy for me to follow the style of Tiger Woods. (Female golfer Kim Mi-Hyun in a press interview on Wednesday, explaining why she doesn¡¯t like to receive drills from American coaches.)

This is because our school places emphasis on the development of education, while other universities attract excellent students by giving them various incentives for preparations for their civil service examinations. (A professor at the Law College, Seoul National University, referring to the fact that the number of students passing the state judiciary service exams has been drastically decreasing in recent years.)

North Korea has sense of both superiority and inferiority regarding its movies. (Movie critic Lee Hyo-In, asserting Wednesday that South Korea needs to find ways of promoting inter-Korean exchanges without aggravating North Korea¡¯s inferiority complex. He made the statement in a policy debate at the Democratic and Peaceful Unification Advisory Council.)

Following the enforcement of the medical reform measures, pharmacies in the neighborhood seem to be engaged in a fierce competition to sell medication, leading to the offer of a reward. (Seobu Police Station officials on Wednesday, revealing that a poster has been put up at a pharmacy under their jurisdiction saying that 5 million won will be given to anyone with information on who broke the drugstore¡¯s windows recently.)

The digital divide between ordinary people and handicapped people is steadily widening. (Rep. Won Hee-Ryong of the opposition Grand National Party during a parliamentary inspection of the Korea Computation Agency on Wednesday, revealing that only 2.44 percent of the handicapped use PC telecommunications services, compared with 27 percent of ordinary citizens.)

Considering this, can the nation be seen as prepared for the complete liberalization of the beef market? (Rep. Kim Young-Jin of the ruling Millennium Democratic Party during a parliamentary inspection of the Agriculture-Forestry Ministry on Wednesday. Rep. Kim, placing Korean and imported beef on his desk, asked Minister Han Kap-Soo to tell the Korean beef from the imported product, but the minister failed to distinguish one from the other.)

To passengers sleeping due to fatigue, the ringing from cellular phones is like an uninvited guest. (Rep. Lee Yoon-Soo of the MDP during the Assembly inspection of the National Railway Corporation, proposing the designation of areas in which cellular phones are off limits during night hours).