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Quotations of the day

Posted October. 17, 2000 19:15,   


You have to do more than just kick to score a goal. (Cha Myeong-Su, a soccer fan, criticizing on the Internet home page of the Korean Football Association, Tuesday, the Korean national soccer team's defeat at the hands of the Kuwait team in the Asian Cup soccer tournament.)

The citizens will participate in the campaign only when the public traffic network is properly operated. (A donga.com netizen, criticizing that the government plans to enforce a staggering work-hour system, while the Seoul Metropolitan Subway is not keeping running time well.)

Among the non-viable firms, there are many "cellular phone companies," which are run by a one-man president who, using his cell phone, won contracts and gave them to subcontractors with commissions. (Rep. Kwon Ki-Sool of the opposition Grand National Party, disclosing that some 40 percent of the registered construction firms are nonviable and facing exit, according to a survey conducted by the Construction-Transportation Ministry.)

The Labor Ministry in charge of employment is rather hampering the stable employment by employing workers on an irregular, daily basis. (Rep. Park In-Sang of the ruling Millennium Democratic Party, revealing that the irregular, daily employees at the ministry proper and its local offices accounts for 12 percent of the total.)

It is a blasphemy that dog meat is sold at a place called Kyongbok Palace (A netizen, saying Tuesday that a dog-meat soup restaurant in Chongju City is named "Kyongbok-gung" on its internet home page.)