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14th Inchon Prize ceremony honors four

Posted October. 12, 2000 11:41,   


Novelist Park Wan-Seo and three others were honored as winners of the 14th Inchon Prize in an award ceremony Wednesday.

Park, 69, was the winner in the field of literature, and the three others were Ahn Chul-Soo, 38, president of the Ahnlab, Inc. in the industrial technology sector; Kim Sung-Jae, 73, president of Iljisa Publishing Co., in the press and publication sector; and Cho Ah-Ra, 88, honorary chairwoman of Kwangju YWCA in the public service sector.

The Inchon Prize was established by The Inchon Memorial Society and Dong-A Ilbo to commemorate devotion to nationalism, democracy and culture of the late Kim Sung-Soo, founder of Dong-A Ilbo. Inchon was Kim¡¯s pen name.

Ki Se-Hun, chairman of the Inchon Memorial Society gave plaques, commemorative medals and 30 million in prize money to each of the four during an awarding ceremony held at the auditorium on the 21st floor of the Dong-A Media Center in Sejong-ro, Chongno-ku, Seoul.