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Quotations of the day

Posted October. 08, 2000 19:12,   


A mayor who cannot adapt well to the changing times must leave his office. (Secretary of the Youth Association of Goyang City Saturday, criticizing the city government's inaction in dealing with a boom in the construction of "love hotels" on the pretext of the existing law.)

Everybody knows what the principle calls for. (Finance Minister Jin Nyum during a radio interview Sunday, promising to deal with Hyundai Engineering & Construction in accordance with the principle if the company fails in its self-rescue effort.)

This resulted in exonerating the provincial councilmen who received money. (Secretary general of a Citizens' Coalition for Participating in Parliamentary Politics based on the Cheongju area Saturday, commenting on the leniency of suspending the attendance of councilmen who were bribed to elect their council chairmen.)

Netizens are best informed about the impropriety of advertising. (Lee Seong-Gu, chief of e-commerce protection at the Fair Trade Commission Sunday, declaring his intention to have netizens vote on alleged legal violations by such Internet search engines as Hanmir and Empas)