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Ex-minister Park appears at prosecution, apologizes to people

Ex-minister Park appears at prosecution, apologizes to people

Posted October. 06, 2000 19:02,   


The prosecution, now investigating the Hanvit Bank loan scandal, questioned former culture-tourism minister Park Jie-Won in connection with allegations that he used his influence to persuade Lee Un-Young, a branch head of the Korea Credit Guarantee Fund(KCGF), to guarantee loans from the bank to Arc World. The prosecution, in particular, cross-examined the ex-minister and Lee, because they gave conflicting testimonies on Park's alleged pressure. Upon entering the Seoul prosecutor's office Friday afternoon, Park told reporters that he had not committed any wrongs and never phoned Lee, flatly denying Lee's allegations of influence peddling.

Former minister Park went on to say that he regretted the incident, however it may have occurred, but that he believes the prosecution will shed light on the scandal. The prosecutors also interrogated him on whether he had exercised his influence on the special police detachment of Chong Wa Dae and pressured Choi Soo-Byung, former chairman of the KCGF board of directors, to provide bank loan guarantees for Arc World. In addition, they questioned Park on whether he had put pressure on Lee Soo-Kil, vice president of Hanvit Bank, to provide loans to the firm. The prosecution also investigated the allegation that Park made phone calls to the Hanvit vice president on three occasions.