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Agreement on special prosecutor issue

Posted October. 01, 2000 19:38,   


Ruling Millennium Democratic Party chairman Suh Young-Hoon called for the enactment of the special prosecutor policy for the Hanvit Bank loan scandal in light of continuing suspicions and the perceived failure of the current investigation by prosecutors. Rep. Suh appeared on the KBS morning program "Sunday Diagnosis" and made the announcement. He further added that President Kim Dae-Jung and the ruling party were of the same mind, adding that the ruling party's agreement on the special prosecutor's appointment, which the opposition had requested for some time, would be its last concession. However, Rep. Suh opposed the immediate implementation of the special prosecutor as it would disrupt the ongoing multi-faceted probe.

Concerning the inappropriate remark by Rep. Yoon Chul-Sang, which sparked a controversy, Rep. Suh clearly stated he would keep all investigations in the hands of state-appointed prosecutors as doing otherwise could lead to regional division. As for the revision of the National Assembly laws, which the opposition party also wants, he proposed that the three major political parties come together and discuss the matter. Touching on public fund injections, Rep. Suh, admitted that the government's supervisory organization had become very lax. Rather than focusing excessively on how and where the money had gone, he further stated that the National Assembly needed to come together and begin the work of passing or rejecting bills.