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N. Korea sells missiles to Libya

Posted September. 25, 2000 12:59,   


Libya has purchased North Korean-made Rodong ground-to-ground missiles that have the capability to reach Israel and southern Europe, the Sunday Telegraph in London reported Sept. 24.

The British daily reported that the first shipment of Rodong missiles with a range of 12,800 kilometers and launching batteries had been transported to Tripoli via Libyan Air Force transport planes from North Korea in July.

The missile purchase prices amount to 300 million pounds or about 600 billion won, and nine North Korean technicians were sent to Libya to carry out jobs related to missile launching for the coming two years, it was learned. The Rodong missiles are capable of carrying nuclear and chemical warheads.

North Korea and Libya apparently signed a contract in October 1999 for the North to supply Libya with 50 missiles and seven launching batteries and to transfer to the country infrastructure and technologies related to the management and safeguarding of the missiles.

In addition to the first delivery of the North Korean missiles in July, the remaining portions will be delivered in three shipments over the coming two years.