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Quotations of the day

Posted September. 25, 2000 19:13,   


"Recently, Japanese tourists were golfing on a Korean golf course but were not glared at by Koreans." (Tadashi Momose, former president of Korea Tomen Co., who previously wrote a book titled "18 reasons that Korea will never catch up with Japan under any circumstances," in a new book called "Koreans have changed, so what will the Japanese do?" His new work asserts that Koreans' feelings toward Japanese are changing).

"To inherit learning is not a matter of heredity but of succession." (Veteran chemist Dr. Choo Won-Chol, remarking that he has been inspired to publish a book co-authored by his son).

"There is a phrase, ¡®reconciliation and cooperation policy,¡¯ but it is hard to understand why he used terminology that North Korea shuns." (North Korea watcher Kim Nam-Shik in a comment on the Pyongyang Broadcasting's criticism of Foreign Affairs-Trade Minister Lee Joung-Binn's use of "engagement policy" in his keynote speech at the U.N. General Assembly on Sunday).