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Kim, Mori agree on aid to N. Korea in food, social overhead capital

Kim, Mori agree on aid to N. Korea in food, social overhead capital

Posted September. 24, 2000 19:31,   


South Korean President Kim Dae-Jung and Japanese Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori agreed Sunday that their nations should work together to give food aid to North Korea and build North Korea's infrastructure. The two leaders met for a second round of bilateral talks at Hyakumangoku Hotel in the Japanese spa town of Atami near Tokyo. Kim told the Japanese leader that North Koreans are suffering from a food shortage and in need of foreign assistance, pointing out that helping North Korea at a time of need would improve Tokyo`s relations with Pyongyang. His appeal for the food aid was accepted by the Japanese prime minister, who promised to offer positive assistance.

Recognizing the necessity of striking at the root of North Korea`s food problem by strengthening its agricultural base, the two leaders agreed to have working-level officials meet to discuss further specifics of the joint endeavor. Kim and Mori shared the view that Pyongyang`s acceptance of the necessity for the American military presence in Korea even after Korean reunification is indicative of its interest in ameliorating ties with Japan and the United States. They also agreed to cooperate for the betterment of Tokyo`s relations with Pyongyang in the future.

On the situation in Myanmar, the two leaders expressed regret over the lack of any progress in compliance with the United Nations resolution calling for dialogue between the Myanmar government and the opposition leader. They pledged to exert their efforts to see the resolution implemented. President Kim returned home late Sunday, winding up his 3-day visit to Japan.