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Second-hand smoke linked to cause cancer

Posted September. 22, 2000 14:55,   


A study has found that second-hand smoke could lead to lung cancer much like direct smoking.

The opposition Grand National Party Rep. Chung Ui-Wha, a member of the Finance and Economy Committee, cited the report titled, "Smoking and Health," by the Korean Ginseng and Herbs Research Institute that second-hand smoking could lead to lung cancer, and asked the Ministry of Finance and Economy to adopt a measure to counter the such injuries.

According to the report, the result of a study to determine the degree of carbon dioxide inhalation for the purpose of comparing the exposure to cancer-causing agents during direct and second-hand smoking, showed that second-hand smokers inhaled 25 percent as much carbon dioxide as did direct smokers.

The result can be translated to mean that a person living with another who smokes a pack a day would be much the same as smoking five cigarettes a day and become exposed to possible lung cancer.