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Archeresses gain gold in team competition; Korean team wins 4th straight victory in Olympics

Archeresses gain gold in team competition; Korean team wins 4th straight victory in Olympics

Posted September. 21, 2000 19:19,   


Coming in as the third of the three Korean women archers at the final end, Kim Soo-Nyung scored 10 points, drawing thunderous applause from the spectators. The total scores then were 234 for Korea and 239 for the Ukraine, but the Ukraine players had shot all of their arrows. As the Koreans could shoot for an extra two rounds, if one team member scored six points they would win.

Kim Soo-Nyung took aim composedly and her arrow scored eight points, giving the Korean archeresses the gold medal. Her 27th arrow scored nine points. The total final score was 251 points against 239 for the Ukrainian rivals.

At the winning moment, emotion-charged Kim Nam-Soon and Yun Mi-Jin, rushed to Kim Soo-Nyung and they embraced one another with triumphant joy. The Korean women thus achieved the fifth straight victory in the individual division since the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games and the fourth consecutive victory in the team competitions, demonstrating that Korean women archers are the strongest in the world. Breaking the world record in the preliminary rounds with 1,994 points in total, they set a new world record by scoring 502 points in the two ends of the final rounds.

They also broke the Olympic records in the quarterfinals, semifinals and finals. With this, the women archers have set two world records and three Olympic records so far.

Yun Mi-Jin, winner of the gold medal in the individual competition, has become a celebrity by winning the two golds, following her seniors, Kim Soo-Nyung, Cho Youn-Jeong and Kim Kyung-Wook. Kim Soo-Nyung has won six gold medals in total with the additional gold in the team performance to become the only six-time gold medallist in the world. The Korean archers, including men, have garnered 10 golds, six silvers, and four bronzes in the five Olympic Games since Korea's participation in the 1984 Olympics.