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Opposition head blasts Kim at rally

Posted September. 20, 2000 20:28,   


Main opposition Grand National Party (GNP) president Lee Hoi-Chang contended Wednesday that President Kim Dae-Jung is unable to recognize the current political reality, in which public sentiment is alienating from his government. Lee demanded that he abandon his ambition to hold on to power, relinquish his membership in the ruling Millennium Democratic Party and strive to successfully conclude the remainder of his presidential term. Lee made the remarks in Busan, where he traveled to lead an anti-government rally.

Referring to Culture-Tourism Minister Park Jie-Won, the GNP leader commented that his resignation was a positive development but falls short of resolving all outstanding problems. He specifically called for the introduction of a special prosecutor and a parliamentary inspection of state affairs.

Lee renewed his demands for President Kim to apologize for the MDP's irregular unilateral passage of a National Assembly revision bill through the pertinent standing committee. At the same time, Lee called for the appointment of a special prosecutor as well as parliamentary probes to shed light on suspicions surrounding the Hanvit Bank illegal loan scandal and the Korea Credit Guarantee Fund, claiming that these frauds were only the tip of the iceberg. He also took issue with alleged ruling camp interference in the probes of MDP lawmakers' illegal campaign funding for the April 13 parliamentary elections.