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Quotations of the day

Posted September. 20, 2000 20:24,   


I am personally against it, but I will respect Cho-Hyun's decision to the utmost. (Kang Yang-Hwa, the mother of Kang Cho-Hyun, a silver medallist at the Sydney Olympics, regarding an offer from a Daejon-based department store on using Kang Cho-Hyun as their model).

That was the protocol at the time, but I will think about it and then make a decision. (Former Culture-Tourism Minister Park Jie-Won answering a journalist's question on whether his resignation was connected to the meetings of the ruling Millennium Democratic Party's caucus of its legislators and the party's supreme council held on Wednesday).

It was China that even Japanese merchants, reputed for their commercial spirit, entered smiling but left weeping. (Kim Weon-Jang, manager of an enterprise consulting company, asserting in his book on investment guidance that Korean businessmen will be successful in China only if they make thorough preparations before advancing into the Chinese market).