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Opposition head chides policy on N. Korea

Posted September. 15, 2000 13:35,   


Lee Hoi-Chang, chairman of the opposition Grand National Party, delivered an ultimatum during a statement concerning the party¡¯s boycott of the National Assembly.

"Until the president and the government change (their position and attitude), we will not participate in the National Assembly," Lee said.

Lee spoke at the opposition GNP headquarters in Yoido through a press conference. In reference to the Hanvit Bank loan scandal and the alleged tampering in the investigation of campaign spending, he urged a special investigative action.

"The Korean people see these scandals as the results of a corruptive government mirroring authoritarianism," he said.

Lee also criticized President Kim Dae-Jung's hope of achieving an inter-Korean peace settlement prior to the end of his term.

"Without first dealing with the easing of military tension through such measures as retrenchment of the military presence, such revelation of hope for a peace settlement clearly demonstrates the lack of prioritization in the government's North Korean policy," Lee said.

"The peace settlement must be obtained sooner or later. However, as it would negate the current armistice, the issues surrounding the military easing of tension must be dealt with or be allowed to run alongside the peace settlement."