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Korea places 48 in corruption

Posted September. 14, 2000 09:42,   


In a study by the Transparency International made public on Wednesday, the year 2000 Corruption Perception Index study placed Korea 48 among 90 nations. This year's placement is considered little better than last year's study which placed Korea 50 among 99 nations. Last year's CPI of 3.8 increased to 4.0 this year.

The index rating was obtained by numerical assignments (0 to 10) to various factors such as the perception of corruption by the general public, the businessmen and the crisis analysts. The higher number represents a less corruption and greater integrity. Vice president of TI stated that the overall situation in Korea concerning corruption is improving.

The country with the highest level of integrity was Finland (10), and the most corrupt nation was Nigeria (1.2). Close behind Finland was Denmark (9.8) and the third place went to New Zealand and Sweden with 9.4 for both and Canada took 4th with 9,2.