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How about watching these videotapes

Posted September. 09, 2000 19:10,   


During the three-day Chuseok holidays, the number of movie fans visiting video rental shops more than doubles. The most popular rentals when all factors are considered are recently-released Hollywood blockbusters, dubbed "new pro big box office" here.

Even customers who drop in at the rental shops once every few months tend to prefer new blockbusters that were recent theatre hits. As a result, it is almost impossible to rent these tapes, like ¡°catching a star in the sky,¡± as a Korean proverb puts it.

One of the best ways to get such tapes easily is to make a reservation at the rental shops one frequents.

Those who fail to rent new films are recommended to choose those released in August, such as ¡°American Beauty,¡± ¡°Sleepy Hollow,¡± or ¡°Destination.¡±

One of the characteristic trends during Chuseok holidays is that erotic tapes are never rented. These days, the rental rate of erotic tapes is very high, and some have called it the ¡°heyday of erotic videotapes.¡± During the Chuseok holidays, when all separated family members come together, it is hard to secure private space and time to watch such films.

As a result, many people choose ¡°family movies" during the holidays.

Some recently released family films include ¡°Fairy Tale in Desk Drawer,¡± ¡°Cider House,¡± ¡°Cup,¡± ¡°Somewhere Rather Than Here,¡± and ¡°Going to School Carrying Father on the Back."

Another feature of the Chuseok holidays, the rush period for both cinemas and rental shops, is that rental shops take advantage of the screening of blockbusters at cinemas because the number of customers who choose movies they enjoyed at the theatre or videos related to great box office successes increases sharply.

Due to the fever surrounding ¡°Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,¡± the number of customers who selected classic Hong Kong martial arts movies skyrocketed recently. This year`s Chusok holidays will not be an exception as big-scale movies like¡°Hollowman,¡± ¡°Joint Security Area,¡± and ¡°Taxi 2¡± are now running at theatres.