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Quotations of day

Posted September. 09, 2000 18:52,   


"You have the right to ask others to refrain from using your name, but you really don`t have the right to demand this." (The Seoul Civil Court on September 9, rejecting a case filed by the Chonghoi Shinhak (Theology) School of the Korean Presbyterian Church. The school charged that changing the name of Chong-Shin School Station of Seoul Subway to Ie-Soo Station was wrongful.

"Former President Kim Young-Sam`s administration represents a void when it comes to the issue of inter-Korean relations." (Former President Roh Tae-Woo on September 9, expressing regret at the fact that although he had formalized the inter-Korean mutual agreement it was never translated into action by the former government.)

"The U.S. State Department`s excuse of it being the result of `procedural inexperience` is really a transparent one, much like that which was given for the jet fighter misfiring that destroyed the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade." (An expert on Northeast Asian issues, Chamus Johnson, on September 8 in an article to the Los Angeles Times concerning the security inspection controversy which led to the cancellation of a visit by the North Korean titular leader, Kim Young-Nam, to the U.S.)