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Gov¡¯t seeks dialog with medical circle

Posted September. 08, 2000 15:04,   


The government has changed its attitude in order to resume talks with medical organizations, so it is expected both sides might begin official negotiations shortly.

At a meeting held at the central government complex, several ministers including Minister of Government Administration and Home Affairs Choi In-Kee and Minister of Health and Welfare Choi Sun-Jung have finalized the position of the government to accommodate the demands of the medical organizations, which include the release of all detainees, end to the search of key members and an apology for blocking an assembly at Yonsei University.

Instead, the government will demand the end to the doctors¡¯ strike and settlement of medical organization`s demands at the negotiation table.

The medical organizations said that the conditions must be carried out in order to resume dialog, adding that the withdrawal of residents at hospitals is a separate matter.

Joo Soo-Ho, spokesman for the medical organizations, said that the withdrawal from the strike by residents will be made on a gradual basis if the dialog with the government goes smoothly.

Meanwhile, professors of medical colleges suspended services for outpatients and neighborhood clinics stopped medical services Sept. 7, so many patients suffered difficulties. However, only some hospitals and clinics were closed, and there wasn¡¯t major chaos.

Song Sang-Keun songmoon@donga.com