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President Kim urges support for inter-Korean rapprochement

President Kim urges support for inter-Korean rapprochement

Posted September. 07, 2000 14:07,   


South Korean President Kim Dae-Jung said that reunification was the ultimate goal of the Korean people. He added that however long it might take, it must be brought about peacefully and that the leaders of the two sides have agreed to achieve success in reunification.

Early this morning, during his keynote address titled, "The Inter-Korean Summit and the Peace Settlement on the Peninsula," for the U.N. Millennium Summit of the heads of state held at the United Nations Headquarters, President Kim revealed that during the inter-Korean summit, the two leaders pledged to avoid war at all costs and to exclude the possibilities of reunification through aggression or absorption.

President Kim added that reunification must be voluntary and that the two parties have agreed to exert effort toward the promotion of bilateral cooperation in peaceful settlement, economy, society and culture. He further revealed that through the continued effort for the exchange visits of the heads of state for the inter-Korean summit meetings and talks at various governmental levels, both sides would make all their efforts toward the promotion of peaceful settlement and bilateral cooperation on the peninsula.

Kim also said that such positive developments on the peninsula would contribute greatly toward the development of Northeast Asia, as well as world peace.

President Kim also pointed out that although the U.N. has been a shining star in the area of peace and welfare of man in the 20th century, a greater task lies ahead in the 21st century such as the realization of world peace, support for the economic advancement of developing nations, the advancement of human rights, battle against poverty, prevention of terrorism and protection of the environment.

He urged that all nations should rally around the U.N. and pledge to bring all efforts together to make the 21st century the most peaceful and hopeful period in world history.

Kim also pledged that Korea would not hold back in its support and cooperation for the noble cause of the U.N. He further expressed his gratitude for the chairman`s statement at the U.N. Millennium Summit supporting June 15 inter-Korean Joint Declaration.