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Ruling party suffers power struggle

Posted August. 29, 2000 13:52,   


The major changes witnessed in the process of competition for senior members of the ruling Millennium Democratic Party include the possibility of reorganization in power structure with the breakup of the Dongkyodong faction.

The Dongkyodong faction, which has shown strong integration, is rapidly divided into two groups based on two potential candidates for president -- Hahn Hwa-Kap and Rhee In-Jae -- so it is expected to have a great influence on the future power structure of the ruling party.

Members of the party speculated that Kwon Rho-Kap has developed a strained relationship with Han ever since he supported Rhee In-Jae, the standing adviser of the party.

The remaining 13 candidates other than Hahn and Lee also clearly are divided in accordance with their alliances and relationships. Kim Joong-Kwon and Kim Ki-Jai joined the three-man alliance with Han. Also, Kim Geun-Tae, who is pursuing a reformative alliance, is sided with Hahn.

On the other hand, Rhee In-Jae, Park Sang-Cheon and Ahn Dong-Sun, core members who oppose the three-man alliance, and Chung Dae-Chul formed an alliance against them. Among key member of the Dongkyodong faction, Moon Hee-Sang, Sul Hoon and Bae Gee-Woon support Hahn Hwa-Kap, while the main-stream members of Dongkyodong faction based on Kwon supports Rhee In-Jae.

Party officials predicted that it is very likely the power struggle between the two divided power bases would heighten with the management of the party, as well as the future competition for nomination as presidential candidate as a momentum.