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Permanent anti-corruption committee to be set up

Posted August. 20, 2000 21:00,   


It has been revealed that the government is working toward the permanent establishment of an "Anti-corruption Ad Hoc Committee" with limited investigative authority, upgrading the current non-standing one under the President`s office.

A high-ranking member of the task force revealed that the anti-corruption unit had been automatically shut down with the final term of the 15th Assembly. He added that the measure would be re-introduced during the regular session, set to begin in the fall, for ratification by Assembly members.

He said that the current non-standing status of the task force has attributed to its failure to expose corruption. He stressed that at least the task force head and several other members must be permanently appointed. The current ad hoc committee contains 14 members, all of whom are non-standing.

In addition, when an accusation of corruption is made, the ad hoc committee must have a certain investigative authority to verify the claim.

The government and the ruling party submitted last December a protective measure for "whistle-blowers" and a non-governmental inspection board measure in an attempt to fight corruption. However, due to the Grand National Party`s opposition, the measures underwent modification. The regular session had come to a close before the modified bills could even be read by the assembly.