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Chang Sung-Ho: Gold medal candidate for Judo

Posted August. 18, 2000 21:12,   


There are no ifs in the cold competitive world of sports like there are in history. Losing will remain a record and there are no buts about it.

This truth became real for Chang Sung-Ho (The Korean Racing Association), Korea¡¯s last pride in men¡¯s 100KG level Judo.

Chang started Judo late. To cure a wounded left heel from an accident as a child and his weak physical strength despite his bulk, he stared Judo in his second year at Ohju middle school in Seoul. Subsequently, he began to appreciate Judo as he advanced to Bosung high school, a reputable school for Judo, and worked his way up until he got on the national team in 1999.

However, Chang soon realized the ways of the world when he met his archrival, Inoue Kosei of Japan. He tasted bitter defeat at the Paris Open and the world championship consecutively at the hands of Inoue, who is a year younger and 10cm smaller but has the ability to use various techniques based on his strong lower body.

It is no underestimation to say that Chang`s training ever since has been devoted to finding ways to defeat Inoue. However, Chang has grown remarkably in terms of self-management and strength owing to the training. He recovered his self-confidence after wining a gold medal at the Germany open.

Chang is by far the biggest star that has surfaced after gold medallist Ha Young-Ju (95kg) and Chun Ki-Young (86kg) of the 84 LA Olympics and 96 Atlanta Olympics. His competing weight level is not easy for Koreans, but when he throws down bigger and taller European competitors using his height of 1m90cm and his strong physique, it is indeed fantastic.

Chang Sung-Ho¡¯s greater self-confidence also comes from his improved techniques.

Director Park Jong-Hak (professor of Chongju university) of the Man¡¯s national Judo team asserted that Chang should look out for Inoue, who has incredible lower body power, but since Chang knows every thing about Inoue and can maintain his current training level, he has a good shot at the gold medal.