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First Japanimation film to open in Korea

Posted August. 17, 2000 20:48,   


A ninja film, Jubei Ninpuchou (Jubei Ninja Wind Chronicle or "Ninja Scroll"), will be the first Japanese animation movie launched in theatres across Korea. Directed by Kawajiri Yoshiaki (49), the film won the Citizens` Award at the 1993 Yubari International Adventure Fantastic Film Festival.

Jubei Ninpuchou, which passed export rating August 9, is scheduled to open September 30.

The film is set in the Tokugawa Bakutu (Tokugawa shogunate), and depicts the conflict between the protagonist, Jubei, and a band of Toyotomi`s ninja.

Since the movie contains violent scenes and nudity, it will most likely be rated over 18.