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N. Korea media report reunions in detail

Posted August. 16, 2000 14:50,   


North Korean news media such as Korean Central Television, Korean Central Broadcasting, and Korean Central News Agency on Tuesday reported on the inter-Korean family reunions in detail.

Central TV aired in its 8 p.m. news program the departure of the North Korean delegates at Sunan airport for Seoul and their arrival at Kimpo International Airport in Seoul. It also broadcast the northern visitors` group leader Ryu Mi-Young greeted by Pong Du-Wan, deputy president of the Korea National Red Cross, at Kimpo airport.

The TV station aired the arrival of the South Korean visitors at Sunan airport in Pyongyang, and they were greeted by Jang Jae-On, chairman of the North¡¯s Red Cross. The dramatic scenes of the sobbing southern visitors hugging their relatives also were broadcast immediately. Central TV also broadcast the meeting between Chang Choong-Sik, president of the South Korea National Red Cross, and chairman Jang.

Central Broadcasting reported in its 8 p.m. news that the South Korean visitors had arrived in Pyongyang by an airplane and that the group was made up of 100 dispersed family members, 30 attendants and 20 reporters, led by Chang.

The Korean Central News Agency immediately reported the news of the departure of the South and North delegations and their arrivals.