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Korean-American doctor offers service

Posted August. 16, 2000 14:14,   


"If anyone has a medical problem and cannot see a doctor, I will do my best to help if he or she sends me an e-mail or gives me a call," stated a letter written in English faxed to Dong-A Ilbo. The sender was medical professor Park Jong-Su, 35, of the Neurology Department at the Washington University Medical School. He was expressing his desire to help people suffering because of two weeks of medical crisis in Korea through free long-distance consultation.

"The long years of a festering wound has finally burst open," Park, who has been following the news of the doctors` strike in Korea through the Internet newspaper wrote. "Although the government is to blame for not implementing a sound policy, it is the problem of doctors who have seniority not fully understanding the reality and only looking out for their self-interests. The victims of this crisis are the people and the younger doctors." He was particularly critical of the doctors. "As soon as a doctor closes his door to patients, he is no longer a doctor," Park said, noting that it is simply unheard of for a doctor to refuse to see patients unless he has plans to give up his practice. When a doctor cannot help a patient for any reason, it is his responsibility to recommend another doctor and to arrange for the patient to be treated by the other through a personal call. If he does not do this, patients have the right to sue the doctor for negligence, which could lead to great punitive damages against the doctor.

Park will be able to consult on neurological medical disorders, such as spinal nerve disorders, cerebral hemorrhages, brain tumors, cerebral apoplexy and other disorders related to neurology. Park has made himself available for international consultation over the phone from the hours of 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Korea time. For those who cannot be connected to him, if they leave their phone numbers and names, he will contact them later. Until Aug. 19, those hoping for consultations should call 1-310-473-4075, and after Aug. 19, 1-425-745-2887. For those who are able to speak English, they should call 1-206-543-3572. Park also will be able to provide consultations through e-mail at jonpark9@yahoo.com for Korean writers and jongsoopark@mednet.ucla.edu for English writers. He also has suggested that the patients send a scan of their x-ray or CT MRI charts for more accurate diagnoses.