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Quotations of the day

Posted August. 15, 2000 19:17,   


¡°I will not answer a question I know little about.¡±

(Ryu Mi-Young, leader of a group of North Korean separated family members, evading a question from Don Kirk, an International Herald Tribune reporter, after arriving at Kimpo International Airport August 15)

¡°You should have come here earlier.¡±

(Moon Jung-Seon, who was reunited with her elder brother living in North Korea, saying that her mother recently died while waiting to meet him.)

¡°I¡¯d better have a ¡®Uwhang Chongshimwhan¡¯.¡±

(Han Kum-Nyu, who departed for Pyongyang to meet her separated family members, saying that she felt her heart pounding painfully against her chest in anticipation of the August 15 family reunion)

¡°Why do we have to shed tears of sadness, while others are shedding tears of joy?¡±

(A member of a group of people whose relatives were kidnapped and taken to North Korea, asserting Tuesday that the government should also seek the reunions of families divided by North Korean abductions)

¡°The reunions of divided family members should not take place based on a casual comment from North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il.¡± (Kwon Chul-Hyeon, spokesman of the Grand National Party, commenting that the August 15th separated family reunion should not be abused for political propaganda purposes)