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Quotations of the day

Posted August. 10, 2000 19:15,   


¡°Chairman Lee Hoi-Chang¡¯s comment comes from the fact that he doesn¡¯t read newspapers.¡± A ruling party official rebuking opposition party leader Lee Hoi-Chang`s argument today that President Kim is fostering anti-Americanism, pointing out that Pres.Kim has repeatedly approved of criticism of American policies, but expressed opposition to anti-American sentiment.

¡°I will lay my soul, the party and the president`s fate on these seven stepping stones.¡± Kim Joong-Kwon of the Millenium Democratic Party (MDP), announcing his candidacy for the party`s supreme council today. Kim said that he would act as a bridge between east and west, north and south, rich and poor, conservatives and liberals, and the National Assembly and other politicians, and work to gain support for the MDP nationwide to make it the true ruling party again.

¡°It is frustrating that the people`s National Assembly claims it is working to improve the lives of citizens but the Assembly session remains in gridlock.¡± Rep. Lee Man-Sup, speaker of the house, in a meeting for assembly leaders today, referring to media reports of lawmakers visiting citizens in order to look into the conditions of their daily lives.

¡°I will carefully check every detail and solicit advice from experts, taking the approach of an opposition party lawmaker.¡± Noh Mu-Hyun, minister of marine affairs and fisheries, starting his new job on the cabinet.