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Another medical fiasco?

Posted August. 07, 2000 15:31,   


Following the doctors (specialists who have finished the major course but did become specialist professors), doctoral fellows will also join the walkout on the 7th in defiance bringing upon inevitable chaos to major hospitals nationwide.

In order to prevent discomfort as experienced by patients during the last mass walkout, voices are being raised by the public that the government and medical authorities should pro-actively resolve the situation through discussions.

On the 7th morning, 1,300 doctoral fellows tendered their resignations and are refusing to treat outpatients while emergency centers and intensive care units have been completely closed. The 16,000 specialists, who started their walkout since the 29th, plan to continue the walkout.

Local doctors, who went on strike on their own will or from decisions made by regional association, has seen the walkout participation rate fall from 24.1% at the start of last week to 19.7% as of the 6th. However, chances are the number of institutions to cease operations may increase from the walkout by specialists and temporaries.

The Korean Medical Association has set up an emergency joint representative council to represent professors, temporaries, specialists and doctors in order to make decisions on walkout timing and method.

In relation to this matter, the "committee for regaining medical rights" has criticized the walkout timing as an irresponsible action, showing confusion still remains regarding the walkout.