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Gov¡¯t projects total 13.61 trillion won

Posted August. 07, 2000 14:17,   


The government is expected to pursue development projects, such as a Kunsan-Changhang free export zone, an expansion of Cheju airport, an electric Jochiwon-Taegu railway and a Honam line, in full swing.

The Planning and Budget Office announced Aug. 6 that the government would provide budgets for these projects with priority as a result of a feasibility study of 29 massive investment projects, which will cost a total of 13.61 trillion won.

The government selected 14 development projects, including the Kunjang Free Export Zone, as priority works for a total of 5.75 trillion won. Also, 15 projects, such as a detour provincial route between Kwangju and Paldang and dual electric railway for the Donghae-Nambu line between Ulsan and Pohang, have been designated as long-term projects, which will cost a total of 7.86 trillion won.

The office plans to set a 2001 budget for design and other related costs for the 14 projects. The Kunjang Free Export Zone project will require 34.9 billion won next year, out of its 127 billion won in total cost. The expansion of Cheju airport will require 169.7 billion won, and next year`s budget for the project is 2 billion won.