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Doctors to stage another walk-out

Posted July. 31, 2000 10:55,   


The committee for regaining medical rights, which is the hard-line arm of the Korean Medical Association, successfully persuaded the assembly of doctors at the KMA conference to stage a strike beginning August 1st.

Many doctors, who belong to the Seoul Doctors` Association, and are not part of the hardline faction, are readying their offices for scheduled vacation leave. As many doctors are leaning toward the hardliners, the decision to stage another strike looks to throw the nation into another "medical crisis".

The spokesman for the hardline committee, Joo Su-Ho stated, "Until such time as a fair medical reform with healthy system of medical care service can be installed, we have decided to stage another strike beginning August 1st." He further added, "In order to have more of the KMA and other association members participate, we have left the date open for other cities and have asked each district association boards to decide for themselves."