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"The MDP is full of idiots. Even after the president .....

"The MDP is full of idiots. Even after the president .....

Posted July. 28, 2000 21:24,   


"The MDP is full of idiots. Even after the president expressed his dissatisfaction with the matter, the MDP are trying to put the blame on us and are asking for our apology." (Rep. Mok Yo-sang, the Grand National Party`s (GNP) chief policy maker, commenting on the ruling Millennium Democratic Party`s (MDP) call for GNP leader Lee Hoi-Chang to apologize for the deadlock at the National Assembly)

"The willful holding of an independent National Assembly session to underhandedly pass bills will be the downfall of the present government." (Kwon Chul-Hyeon, the GNP spokesman, regarding the debate over the ruling party`s decision to unilaterally convene the National Assembly¡¯s extraordinary session to deal with laws for the public welfare)

"The reputation of lawmakers would be better preserved if they would take care of bills related to the peoples` livelihood before heading abroad." (National Assembly Speaker Lee Man-Sup, urging the immediate normalization of the Parliament July 28)

"The South-North foreign ministers` talks were held first based on the principle of sovereignty." (Cho In-Chul, North Korean Ambassador to Thailand, July 28 on the decision to hold the inter-Korean foreign ministerial talks before North Korea-US foreign ministerial talks)

"Foreign ministers from various nations who did not know North Korean foreign minister Baek Nam-soon very well are now lining up to have exclusive discussions with him." (The Asian Wall Street Journal dated July 28, noting that North Koreans are being encouraged at the ASEAN Regional Forum to hold talks with the many Ministers attending the security discussions, who have welcomed Mr. Paek`s appearance as another step toward ending decades of isolation and hostility -- an effort that started with last month`s inter-Korean summit -- and a boost to the stature of the six-year-old Association of Southeast Asian Nations.)

"Rice grows only when it can hear the farmer`s footsteps." (Agriculture and Forestry Minister Kim Sung-Hoon, stressing July 28 that close attention should be paid to rice farming since carelessness could allow disease and insects to ravage crops.)