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ULD honorary chairman is said to be a master

Posted July. 26, 2000 20:54,   


¡°Kim Jong-Pil, the honorary chairman of the United Liberal Democrats (ULD) is said to be a master political schemer, but you cannot constantly avoid him.¡± Lee Hoi-Chang, leader of the major opposition Grand National Party (GNP), in response to rumors that he forged a secret agreement with Kim Jong-Pil in their talks at a golf course, during a meeting of GNP lawmakers Wednesday.

¡°They are putting on a puppet show.¡± Chang Kwang-Keun, vice-spokesman of the GNP, refuting the Millennium Democratic Party`s argument that President Kim had no connection to the railroading of new laws regarding the parliamentary negotiating group.

"Sexual preferences have nothing to do with the election." An aide to Republican presidential nominee George W. Bush, responding to comments that former defense secretary Dick Cheney, who has been tapped as Bush`s running mate, has a daughter who is a lesbian.

¡°They are asking for a politics of swords and knives, not a politics of coexistence.¡± An MDP party member criticizing the GNP`s demand for an apology from Pres. Kim, despite its earlier calls for coexistence through constant dialogue.

¡°Chairman Lee Hoi-Chang called the rumors of a secret agreement nothing more than `toilet paper`, but it that could also mean that the secret agreement was written on toilet paper.¡± GNP Rep. Kim Won-Wung, noting that if the rumors turn out to be true, a critical situation will emerge.

¡°Because of lawmakers who make irrational, careless comments on TV, we are not opening the meeting to the public.¡± Kim Moo-Sung, GNP deputy floor leader, touching on the verbal attacks that resulted from rumors of a secret GNP-ULD agreement.