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NK, Russia to bolster energy cooperation

Posted July. 19, 2000 19:35,   


Arriving in North Korea on the 19th for an official 2 day visit, Russian president Vladimir Putin became the first ever Soviet/Russian leader to visit North Korea. Upon landing at Pyongyang`s Soon-an Airport, president Putin was greeted by top North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il and Kim Young Nam, head of the North Korean parliament.

President Putin and Kim Jong-Il held private summit talks on North-South unification, and both leaders affirmed their opposition to the U.S. NMD and TMD plans. The two leaders signed an 11-point joint declaration based on the summit meeting discussions, and the consummation of other agreements, including the metals industry matter, is anticipated.

Russian news agency ITAR-TASS reported that the joint declaration went into further detail than was previously expected. The accord stated that both nations would not intervene in each other`s internal affairs and would maintain close cooperation in their relations with the international community. Both leaders promised to bolster industrial cooperation and large scale energy projects. The implementation of the START II agreement and the expedient consummation of START III are also to be promoted.