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Inter-Korea lawmaker talks proposed

Posted July. 16, 2000 21:51,   


Lee Man-Sup, National Assembly speaker, will propose inter-Korea talks between the South and North parliamentarians during a July 17th Congressional session celebrating the 52nd Constitution Day.

In addressing the participants, which include members of all three branches of the government as well as all members of the National Assembly and heads of both the ruling and opposition parties, Lee Man-Sup will further call for the establishment of a "working-level preparatory committee" and an "action committee" to prepare for the proposed inter-parliamentary meeting.

Earlier in the week, speaker Lee Man-Sup requested that the government undertake a probe into the welfare of 51 lawmakers who were taken to the North during the Korean War. The request was made through a classified channel and was not made public.

Of the 51 lawmakers who were taken north, eight have been identified with one member still alive, Choi Tae-Kyu, who is currently serving in the North as a high official of the Committee to Promote Peace and Unification.

The seven members that have been confirmed to have died are Baik Kwan-Soo, Kim Yak-Soo, Kim Kyung-Bae, Cho Hun-Young, Kim Hyo-Suk, Bae Joong-Hyuk, and Hwang Yoon-Ho.