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Embassy reception, flower of diplomacy

Posted July. 14, 2000 12:03,   


The receptions foreign embassies host is flower of diplomacy. Each embassy utilizes receptions as a meaningful diplomatic means because the function helps solve difficult problems.

Embassy members have a chance to get together with invited dignitaries of the country they are stationed in and to exchange opinions on the matters of mutual concerns, naturally paving the road for the solution of pending issues.

The embassies also make the receptions an opportunity to introduce their countries` policies, culture and others to the important figures of the countries of their residence.

Of course, such receptions also make a good chance for the Korean participants to explain the position of the nation to the chiefs of the diplomatic missions stationed here and diplomats.

The embassies host receptions at any time, and used to invite more VIPs than as usual to their important receptions hosted to celebrate their National Days.

July 14 is the Bastille Day, the biggest national holiday of France. Ambassador Jean-Paul Reau hosts a reception in celebration of the Bastille Day of the New Millennium at his embassy residence in Hap-dong, Sodaemun-ku, downtown Seoul, from 6 p.m. to p.m. As many as 1,500 leading figures from various walks of life were invited to the function.

A "reception diplomacy" takes place during the reception with big shots from the political, business, cultural and journalistic circles, not to mention diplomats from across the world.

An embassy official said, "Official events for the reception are ambassador`s welcoming speech and music students` chorus of the French national anthem."

"The guests will have an `opportunity for diplomacy,` enjoying French cuisines in a cozy, comfortable atmosphere during the reception," he said.

He also said, "We take this annual Bastille Day reception as a very important event because it makes a chance for us to explain the position of the French government as well as listening to the opinions about pending issues of mutual concern from the leading figures from each sector of Korea."

Of the invited guests, Koreans are 800 and the rest are French, so man-to-man diplomacy is possible, he said.

The German Embassy also hosts a large-scale reception every year on Oct. 2 at the ambassador`s residence in Songbuk-dong in celebration of the German Unification (Oct. 3, 1990).

Invited guests will include chiefs of big German corporations such as BMW and Siemens. The reception will become a good chance for leading businessmen of the two countries to discuss pending economic issues.

In case of the Chinese Embassy, the National Day reception held around Oct. 1, China`s National Foundation Day, is the biggest event. Last year, the embassy invited a total of 1,000 guest on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the national founding.

The U.S. Embassy holds the Independence Day reception around July 14 at its embassy residence as its biggest reception. About 100 leading used to be invited to the function.

But it depends on the tastes of ambassador how to hold the reception. Ambassador Steven Bosworth hosted this year`s reception on May 29, the Veterans` Day.