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Change of Salvation Army guard

Posted July. 14, 2000 13:31,   


The newly appointed head of the Korean Salvation Army revealed on July 12, "Currently there is great awareness by the general public of Salvation Armies¡¯ social welfare service activities. Hence, we shall strive to raise the awareness that we are a Christian Organization first."

The newly appointed commandant of the Korean Salvation Army was born in 1939 in North Kyong-San region and has graduated from Young-nam Theology School and the Salvation Army Academy. He also attended the Oriental Salvation Army in New Zealand, International Salvation Army in London.

Commandant Kang remarked, "Many picture the Salvation Army as one with charity pot. However, our priority lies in spread of Christianity. We shall make greater inroads in the service areas of errand service center, school busing service and various others along with Gospel and spitiual training to enhance our Christian image."

Concerning the void in command due to the retirement of Lee Sung-Duk, the previous Commandant as well as the Korean National Council of Churches, he stated, "Although the KNCC has selected me to fill the post vacated by Commandant Lee, the post is not yet official until the decision by the action committee on July 20. With the official appointment I will strive to bring about unity of various denominational churches in the remaining 4 months of office."

The worship service for the appointment of the new commandant will take place on the 16th with an attendance by the Commandant of the Australian Branch of the Salvation Army, Douglas Davis. Currently, the Korean Salvation Army commands about 290 Corps (churches), and 125,000 soldiers (members).