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Foreign shoppers` paradise

Posted July. 10, 2000 22:04,   


The bustling street in front of Ewha Women`s University in Seoul`s Shinchon area is changing into a popular shopping center. It is a popular spot for teen-agers and young people in their 20s, but it is also shaping up as a unique shopping place among foreign tourists visiting Seoul.

There are nearly 1,000 shops around 56-40 Daehyun-Dong, Seodamun-Ku district between the entrance to Ewha Women`s University and No.2 subway line`s station at the entrance of the university. Since last year, growing number of Asian tourist, mostly Japanese and Chinese have visited the crowded shopping district.

Seodaemun district office`s survey showed that daily average of about 500 foreign tourists visited the place last year. This year, the number has nearly doubled to 1,000 on weekends.

The inexpensive products offered by the shops there attract foreign tourists. At the same time, it is the last major spot before accessing the Kimpo International Airport.

From there, tourists could reach the airport in 30 minutes, so it is convenient place to drop in for foreign tourists before they head for the airport.

The shopping center`s marketing strategy to attract foreign visitors by offering specialized products such as Korea`s traditional accessories and garments paid off. In addition, noodle shops and other inexpensive restaurants are concentrated in the area, thus attracting foreigners who wish to taste Korean foods. They are buying presents at low prices there before departing Korea and enjoying Korean meals at the same place.

Han Sung-Hyung, 50, who runs an accessory shop Hi-Nari, said that Japanese tourists used to purchase a set of twin rings that feature dragon. They are priced at 80,000 won-100,000 won, which are 20%-30% cheaper than buying in Itaewon

Jung Yeon-Wook jyw11@donga.com