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`N.Korea has core technologies to make long-range missiles`

`N.Korea has core technologies to make long-range missiles`

Posted January. 22, 2013 05:07,   


Most of the key parts of the long-range missile fired by North Korea last month were developed by itself, while a few electronic components were imported. This shows that Pyongyang has the technology to build intercontinental ballistic missiles with a range of more than 10,000 kilometers without much external help.

The National Defense Ministry in Seoul made the announcement Monday from an extensive study done on the 10 pieces of debris from the fired rocket, including the engine, fuel tank and oxidizer tank, which were retrieved in waters 160 kilometers west of Gunsan of South Korea`s North Jeolla Province late last month.

This was Seoul`s first thorough investigation into Pyongyang`s rocket parts and its first announcement of overall facts such as the technological capacity and the long-range rocket structure of North Korea.

The ministry said Pyongyang developed more than 90 percent of the missile`s core components, including the first-stage engine. Just about 10 parts such as temperature sensors, direct current converters, pressure sensors and wire were imported from China and five from European countries, including the U.K. and Switzerland. The ministry explained that these items are not bound by the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR), which bans the export of missiles or transfer of missile technologies.

Experts say the findings will likely lead the world to discuss whether to add the components to the list of the MTCR items subject to the missile rules. South Korea will deliver the probe results and the list of countries where the electronic parts used in the rocket were manufactured to the United Nations and the missile regime`s secretariat through official diplomatic channels.