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Koreans Helps Japanese Quake Victims as Way to Commemorate Japanese Activist

Koreans Helps Japanese Quake Victims as Way to Commemorate Japanese Activist

Posted October. 31, 2004 23:12,   


A fund-raiser for Japanese earthquake victims took place as part of a celebration of the granting of a national foundation medal to Huse Datsi, the first Japanese recipient of such an honor, by the government, has been organized by about 20 members of the Korea-Japan Cultural Exchange Association.

“Mr. Huse started a fund raising drive for flood victims in Korea in the summer of 1925 when a flood victimized many,” said Chung Joon-young, a 65-year-old who leads the “Group to Study Mr. Huse.” “We took to the street to memorize his love,” he said, explaining why he organized the event.

Mr. Huse represented Park Yol and his wife, who attempted to assassinate the Japanese emperor in 1925, members of anarchist group Yuiyoldan in 1923, and Kim Jiseop, who threw an explosive into the Japanese royal palace in a botched attempt at the emperor’s life in 1924.

His license was briefly suspended in 1919 when he said in a thesis that he expressed his respect for the Korean people’s massive resistance in 1919.

Chung also disclosed the so-called Huse list, a list of Korean students studying in Tokyo who stayed in Mr. Huse’s house. When Huse’s license was suspended while he defended Koreans, many Korean students voluntarily used his house in which he ran a boarding house.

“I know many nasty things about Japan when it ruled Korea,” said Lee Kyung-hyun, 46 years old, who contributed to the event. “I was surprised when I learned there was a Japanese lawyer who devoted himself to helping Koreans.”

Chung raised about three million won. He will send contributions to Japan after raising more funds.

“As Korean pop culture is getting more and more popular in Japan, more and more Japanese feel intimate with Koreans,” said Watanabe Mika, the chair of KJCEA. “Japanese will be moved by the fund-raiser in which Koreans share their dedication and love with us.”

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