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A Hong Kong businessman born with a silver spoon

Posted September. 02, 2017 07:34,   

Updated September. 02, 2017 09:44


He was close to the British Royal family. He was a friend of Princess Diana and even taught tricks of card games to Queen Elizabeth. He was fashionable, had manners, and had many connections in the culture world with his excellent eye of art. He was a key benefactor of the London Symphony Orchestra and a well-known art lover. He was quite often with many celebrities such as actor Russell Crowe and model Naomi Campbell.

This person had been spotted in so many cities such as London, New York, Paris. His name is David Tang, a Hong Kong businessman. He was born in 1954 from a wealthy family in Hong Kong, moved to the U.K. at 13 and graduated from University of Cambridge. After working as a lawyer, he founded in 1998 Shanghai Tang, a fashion chain that sells traditional Chinese clothing with Western touch. Tang Wei, the main actress of Director Lee Ang’s 2007 film "Lust, Caution" wore the chipao of Shanghai Tang.

Tang made his huge fortune by running businesses such as restaurants, high-level society clubs, and Cuban cigar companies, and people called him as a playboy and party animal. However, he was passionate about philanthropy. That was why he received his knighthood from the British Queen in 2008. Tang was proud of his country and strongly supported the umbrella revolution for democratization of Hong Kong as he considered that freedom was the best attraction for Hong Kong. Arrogant Westerners even admired the taste and discernment of Tang, who was known to play a critical role in introducing China and its culture to the world as a special ambassador of the society. Deeply influenced by the charm of Britain, he depicted himself as "banana" or "Chinese on the surface."

People across the world, especially from the U.K. and Hong Kong, sent their condolences amid news reports on David Tang's death on Wednesday. He had a premonition of his own death and prepared for his last party, which was scheduled to be held on next Thursday. He could not make it. He was certainly from a rich family and enjoyed what he had. However, he returned some of his profiles to society. Also in Korea, it is hoped to have rich people benefiting from their wealthy families and the ones whom we are proud of.