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Ex-N. Korean waitresses become college students in S. Korea

Ex-N. Korean waitresses become college students in S. Korea

Posted March. 27, 2017 07:10,   

Updated March. 27, 2017 07:20


It was found that most of the 12 North Korean waitresses who defected in groups from a North Korean restaurant in China have become college students in the South.

"More than half of these defectors received a special admission this year," said a government official. "As most of them were in their early or mid-20s, they wanted to receive college education in order to soft-land in the Korean society." The Ministry of Unification also updated the news by stating during their regular briefing last month that "though no specifics can be commented upon their request for privacy, they are currently studying."

While they are currently enrolled in various universities based on their decisions, it was known that they also keep their recent status discreet as possible by contacting each other regularly. Words also have it that they keep distance with other defected students within the same campus, due to fears that a possible chain of collateral damage can be enforced to their families remaining in the North.

To North Korea, the defection is still the subject of their condemnation, labeling the escape internationally as "an act of collective abduction of Democratic People's Republic of Korea by the South." During the UN Women meeting on March 13, Pyeongyang claimed that nearly a year has passed since the collective abduction lured by the South, and that news has it that some were killed during abuses and tortures while their whereabouts are kept confidential and no contact with the outside world is permitted.

Sung-Ha Joo zsh75@donga.com