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Crimea to become new powder keg

Posted August. 22, 2022 07:51,   

Updated August. 22, 2022 07:51


As Russia’s initial invasion of Ukraine will reach the six-month mark on Wednesday, Crimea is expected to become a new powder keg. Crimea, which was forcefully annexed by Russia from Ukraine in 2014, serves as a military supply base for Russian troops on the southern front of the war between Russia and Ukraine. There were over three mysterious explosions this month alone at the Black Sea Fleet headquarters of the Russian Navy in Crimea.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Saturday that a drone hit the Russian Navy base in Crimea, saying that the drone gave symbolic damage to the Black Sea Fleet. On August 9, an explosion at Saky airbase in Crimea destroyed nine Russian military aircraft. There was fire in a temporary powder magazine on Tuesday, as well as multiple explosions near Belbek airbase.

Foreign media reported that a series of explosions in Crimea caused serious damage to about half of the aircraft of the Black Sea Fleet.

CNN reported that Ukraine seems to have been behind large explosions in Crimea on August 9 and 16, quoting the Ukrainian government’s information. The Ukrainian government hasn’t officially admitted it. Some say that Ukraine may start a military operation to recover Crimea after a series of explosions that took place. “Crimea might become the front line and the biggest battlefield of the Ukrainian war,” said The Associated Press.

The U.S. provided additional firepower support to Ukraine. The Joe Biden administration announced on Friday that it would provide weapons worth 1.0354 trillion won, including a reconnaissance drone called Scan Eagle. This is the second biggest support that the U.S. is singly providing since the war broke out on February 24. As the war becomes prolonged and both Ukraine and Russia do not reinforce troops and weapons sufficiently, the U.S. government expects that this support will put Ukraine at an advantage, according to foreign media.

Sung-Hwi Kang yolo@donga.com