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Commemorative event to open for Korean War veterans on USS Missouri

Commemorative event to open for Korean War veterans on USS Missouri

Posted July. 30, 2022 07:35,   

Updated July. 30, 2022 07:35


USS Missouri, the first U.S. battleship which arrived on the Korean Peninsula during the Korean War, will invite war veterans to credit and thank them. The Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs announced that it will open an event to express gratitude for Hawaii-based war veterans on the battleship of Missouri located in the United States Pacific Fleet in Hawaii at 5 p.m. on Friday (local time). With the underlying theme of the honorable alliance between South Korea and the United States, it will be attended by a total of 200 participants or so including Minister Park Min-shik of Patriots and Veterans Affairs, Commander Samuel Paparo of the United States Pacific Fleet, Korean War veterans and their families.

The Battleship Missouri, a.k.a. Mighty Mo, is considered a symbol of the alliance between South Korea and the United States. Its arrival on the Korean Peninsula on Aug. 19, 1950 made it the first U.S. battleship on Korean shores since the breakout of the Korean War. It conducted bombardment missions on Samcheok on Sept. 15, a month after its arrival, to help lead the Incheon landings to success. Added to this, the battleship fought to the last minute to keep Chinese People's Volunteer Army from approaching by firing massive guns onboard during the Hungnam refugee evacuation operations on Dec. 24 of the same year. One of the most impressive memories etched on USS Missouri is a signing ceremony of the Surrender of Japan on Sept. 2 1945.

Retiring from the battlefield in 1955, USS Missouri was upgraded with modern weapon systems an equipment in 1986 to return to the forefronts. Afterwards, it contributed to the United States in the Gulf War. It is currently in used as a museum.

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