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Kim Dong-yeon’s loaded remarks to Democratic Party

Posted June. 04, 2022 08:59,   

Updated June. 04, 2022 08:59


Gyeonggi Governor-elect Kim Dong-yeon of the main opposition Democratic Party of Korea made loaded remarks to the party two days after snatching a dramatic victory in the June 1 local elections. His comments seemingly intend to strengthen the basis for him to increase his influence amid the party’s severe discord following the painful defeat in the elections.

Kim said on an MBC radio show on Friday that the party made things hard on him in some ways during the campaign, adding that it sometimes held him back. “As the party’s approval ratings plunged to the 20 percent range, it was met with external variables,” he said, confessing that the party’s loss of supporters came across as a threat as if his approval ratings were plummeting.

He was implicitly critical of the party’s allegations of sexual misconduct and the conflict between Yoon Ho-jung and Park Ji-hyun or the party’s co-interim chiefs. Kim also argued that the party is supposed to forgo its vested rights that it has long enjoyed, adding, “With the Democratic Party occupying the majority of the National Assembly, there seems to be a lack of governance or policy-related communication.

Kim implied his determination to lead the party’s efforts to renovate it at the forefronts. Kim made it clear, “The Democratic Party should take the initiative in getting out of the vested interests by removing the privilege of exemption from liability of National Assembly members or introducing the Korean version of the recall system. “As the party’s leader in upgrading politics, I will promise to fulfill my responsibilities,” Kim added.

Ji-Hyun Kim jhk85@donga.com